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Recently I took my first attempt at my OSCP certification, after 90 days in the lab and rooting a majority of the machines I fell short by just a few points on my first attempt. I decided to take some time off before my next attempt. During my break, a friend told me about a class called Pentester Candidate Program. The class was developed by Joe McCray of I have known Joe for years ever since the days of and IRC, almost 14 + years. I have heard a lot about his training offerings but never took any up to now. While my background and experience in pen testing are probably more advanced then the majority of the students who take the class I signed up for the opportunity for additional job interviews with companies they have partnerships with and to see how others do their testing.

While I originally planned to use this blog to create a series of the class and my review of it I have dropped the class and requested a refund. After day one of the class, I felt it was very unorganized. I quickly discovered other issues that made me finally request the refund. Each class seemed to get postponed, sometimes minutes before class was supposed to start. There was constantly issues with the video as well. I jumped online and checked to see if others had these issues and quickly learned how this has been the theme for years. Not very professional in my opinion.

While I had a bad taste in my mouth from this and that it took over a month to get a refund I have to give the customer service team from kudos. The team reached out to me with not only my refund but gave me a $400 dollar voucher to use on classes. I asked if I could split it and use it in multiple classes and since you could not I was given individual vouchers to use.

To me this shows me they know they are in the wrong and really would like to try to make a difference. I plan to sign up for the one month access using my voucher for

I will keep you all updated on how this one goes. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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