Posted on Wednesday, 23rd September 2009 by Michael

Welcome to Digital Offensive

Here at Digital Offensive we believe in taking the offensive approach to protecting your digital assets. By knowing what the hackers knows about your infrastructure you can better prepare and defend your company from loss of data or down time. Our team has over 10 years of experience in Information Security field specializing in penetration testing, Firewalls, IDS / IPS, Web Application security, Wireless and more. Though that is not the only reason our partners choose us. They choose us because we offer a solid, secure service, while maintaining friendly and dedicated staff who are focused on our clients' needs.

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  1. Neil Says:

    Magic Jack on Sip Devices question.

    Please help me understand the big picture. I just bought a samsung epic, hasn’t even shown up in the mail and I was thinking how cool it would be to hook up a magic jack to it and make free calls through the unlimited data plan. I’m not understanding though. Will I be able to make the calls from my cellphone through the 3g or 4g network, or do I have to be connected to someones wifi?

  2. Michael Says:

    You will need wifi unless you have a app that does sip over 3g and or 4g most apps on cell phones will only work on the wifi. Though do some research you may find others.

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