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Business Consulting

Here at Digital Offensive we feel there is nothing more important than one-on-one communication with our partners. This is why consultation is our hallmark product - clear and concise communication to effectively relay ideas and solve problems. After all, you are receiving professional consultation from those who know the field best - people who have years of experience under their belt regarding information technology and security. Whether you need help choosing a firewall, routing solution, or a business computing platform, Contact Us for a one-on-one conversation regarding your needs.

Security Analysis

You may think you're secure, but you wouldn't be the first to make the same incorrect assumption. Before Citibank was compromised for nearly 10 million dollars, computer security was the least of their worries. Before hundreds of thousands of consumers lost their identity to thieves, computer security was one of their smallest worries. History repeats itself, but you're now armed with the knowledge that business and consumer computing can be dangerously insecure.

Digital Offensive believes in taking the offensive approach to security. Only by knowing what your foe knows can you be completely secure. Digital Offensive provides security evaluations across a full spectrum, testing for a plethora of vulnerabilities know. Our partners’ networks are thoroughly audited and analyzed for possible security flaws that an attacker could leverage. Whether your interests are primarily in the security of your website, your desktop environment or your wireless network, Digital Offensive is here to help you defend all your assets. By offering on-demand consultation sessions when a possible incident has occurred, we keep you safe even while hackers are actively attempting to compromise your enterprise.
Digital Offensive can audit websites, networks, firewalls, policies and more. Contact us for a quote on the evaluation of your information technology assets.

Infrastructure implementations and upgrades

Looking to redesign your current infrastructure or add to it? Digital offensive can help you do that be it a simple upgrade of hardware or a full implementation of a new technology such as wireless. Not only can we help you design and implement it we can secure it too. For more information please Contact us.

Backup and Recovery

Digital Offensive can help you recover accidentally deleted files, recover password protected Microsoft Office documents as well as help your organization implement a backup solution to protect against data lost. For more information please Contact us.

Security Training

Digital Offensive offers a wide range of security training options from SANS certifications to general security training on security awareness in your organization. We can also provide training on security tools and products to your IT staff. For more information please Contact us.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Digital Offensive can help you cut your phone bills by more than half. We will spec an IP passed phone system for you based on your business needs. These system will run the asterisk pbx system or the 3cx pbx system and will use a VoIP phone service provider. We will install, configure and deploy the service throughout your organization as well as provide support for it.

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