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Posted on Wednesday, 10th April 2013 by Michael

The CCDC is one event I look forward to each year. The event allows me to give back to the community as well as have some fun.  During this years event there are several key areas I am looking forward to. Cisco Firewalls: Did you learn your lesson from last year? Web Applications: Firewalls don’t […]

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Posted on Monday, 26th March 2012 by Michael

CCDC the First Hour Despite some popular beliefs the Blue Cell are not provide machines that already been back doored for the Red Cell to use. The machines that you are giving are definitely built in an insecure method but that’s it. Your object coming into this event is usually the same year after year. […]

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Posted on Wednesday, 21st March 2012 by Michael

Quick Tips for Linux Security at the CCDC This guide is to be high level and provide a reference for the CCDC Blue Cell to use to help secure their Linux boxes during the CCDC events. This being said this document does not guarantee your victory. My understanding is during the contest tools can be […]

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