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AUTORAFI (Automatic Remote Asterisk and FreePBX Install)

AUTORAFI is a Linux shell script developed by Digital Offensive to either locally or remotely install an Asterisk based PBX solution with FreePBX front end. AUTORAFI was developed and tested on base installs of CentOS and Fedora Core.

Over the last few years we have been installing more and more of these solutions so we have taken the time to automate as much as we can to save time. Now we are offering AUTORAFI to the general public to make your lives easier.

1. System running either CentOS or Fedora Core.
2. SSH or console access
3. root access
4. Basic knowledge of Linux text editors
5. Internet access
6. Patience: install can take up to 1 ½ hours depending on your internet connection and your system configuration.
7. If you are running behind a firewall you will need to review this article for special firewall and FreePBX configuration:

1. Copy the script to your server.
2. Use your favorite Linux text editor to change the user variables
a. Uncomment the following sections if they apply to you
i.Webmin: Lines 112-114
ii.DAHDI: Lines 180-185
3. Make sure it has a .sh extension
4. Chmod 777
5. ./
6. Follow prompts!!
a. If you see warnings it is ok to proceed. It is when you see major errors, or failures that you need to stop the install.

AutoRAFi costs $175.00. Since this is a digital product and the source is fully viewable there is no refund. We will work with you to correct any issues. To purchase this please visit our product page: Products

This script was developed and tested thoroughly on Fedora and CentOS. We ran it over 100x on each OS working out all the flaws.
We provide limited email support for free for this script. We plan to eventually offer a ticket system for this script if it is required. To get support please send a detail email with exact errors (Screen shots) to
Free updates of this script will be provided to those that have purchased it.
If you need support configuring FreePBX, or anything else outside of this script and would like our help our hourly rate is $50.00 an hour. Min 2 hours.
Check out for more info on our services.

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