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AMJchan: Automating the patching for Magic Jack

AMJchan is a shell script written by the Digital Offensive team to quickly and accurately patch your Asterisk server for use with the Magic jack. This script was developed and tested on Centos, fedora and Redhat. The script can be easily altered to use another package manager other then yum to make it cross system compliant.

As many of you already know that to use a Magic Jack in any means other than the intended meansĀ  you are required to use a proxy. The Proxy facilitates the md5 hashing of the connection. In most cases people choose to use mjproxy, for Linux, some routers and ATA devices or MJMD5.exe for windows based systems. The actual patch was not developed by us and we cannot take credit for that. From my resources the patch was developed by 2 individuals DTM and Teddy_b. The patch allows you to run your Asterisk PBX without using a proxy.

AMJchan does the following for you:

  1. Checks to find out what version of Asterisk you are running
  2. Checks to make sure you have the needed tools (wget and patch)
  3. Installs needed tools if you do not.
  4. Downloads the Asterisk SRC that matches the version you have installed.
  5. Downloads the Magic Jack chan_sip patch code.
  6. Backups your original and .c files
  7. Patches the chan_sip
  8. Makes the new chan_sip
  9. Stops the asterisk process
  10. Copies the new chan_sip into production
  11. Restarts asterisk

To download the script click here:

AMJchan should be run as root to insure that you do not have any permission issues. The Digital Offensive does not take any responsibility for your use of this script.

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact us and if this script helped you feel free to support us through a donation if you see fit.

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  1. Michael Says:

    I have updated the code I had a few bugs in it.

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