Posted on Wednesday, 17th March 2010 by Michael

It has come to my attention through several comments and emails that a lot of the links that contain these tools no longer work. So in order to provide them to the masses I have uploaded them to my site. They can be accessed at this link:

If you like your SIP info retrieved for you, we offer remote retrieval support for $10.00 per Magic Jack:

I have also corrected the download link for the mjproxy source code in my article:

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6 Responses to “Stroths Magic Jack Suite and SipDump.exe”

  1. Mark Radell Says:

    Has anything changed since this procedure was originally written? I found all the information easily and interviewed according to the instructions but keep getting an error which reads: registration error 408 – request timed out

    I’ve rechecked all the information several times with the same results.

    Mark Radell

  2. Michael Says:

    Yes the original app that Stroths wrote does not automatically find the password any longer. If you look on my site I have written a app that will retrieve the password and I have a detailed document on how to actually hack it as well.

  3. Dan Says:

    I would love to get details from Michael! Thx

  4. Michael Says:

    Details on what? This seems like a spam post and it turns out to be you will be black listed from this server.

  5. Roman Says:

    Hi!!! Please, advice me – i have old style silver magic jack – it wos not registered or activated. Yesterday i tried to activate it but it do not work. Tech support says that i must by a new type of it. Is it possible to fix it – for exampe by changing software or something? Rgds, Roman

  6. Michael Says:

    There is not a way I know of. There were some people that had tools to change the firmware of the magic to do other things. However they would never share so I just sold all my old magic jacks to them as I had no need for them.

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