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Posted on Monday, 18th July 2011 by Michael

Simple Ruby banner grabber and port checker: This is a simple script I wrote in ruby to scan ports to see if they are open and grab the banner of the service.  The script has error handling built in so it is able to continue on to the next port if the port before is […]

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Posted on Wednesday, 30th March 2011 by Michael

Detecting malicious code in webpages iScanner and iScan Script iScanner is developed by the folks over at The latest update of code was in September of 2010. The iScanner application is ruby based application that has many features: Current Features: Ability to scan one file, directory or remote web page / website. Detect and […]

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Posted on Friday, 22nd October 2010 by Michael

MJSIP version 2.0 Beta: Automating the Magic Jack SIP retrieval What is MJSIP version 2.0 beta: After a very successful following our first version and recent changes to how Magic Jack is handling passwords and usernames we have decided to update our script with additional filters and added the ability to find your username as […]

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Posted on Tuesday, 19th October 2010 by Michael

SIPBAN v1.0 What is SIPBAN: SIPBAN is an addon for the advance policy firewall written by “R-FX Networks (”. This addon is will search your asterisk logs for failed registration attempts from unknown networks and ban the IP address. This helps thwart SIP secret guessing and other SIP based attacks.

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Posted on Monday, 4th October 2010 by Michael

AUTORAFI (Automatic Remote Asterisk and FreePBX Install) About: AUTORAFI is a Linux shell script developed by Digital Offensive to either locally or remotely install an Asterisk based PBX solution with FreePBX front end. AUTORAFI was developed and tested on base installs of CentOS and Fedora Core.

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Posted on Tuesday, 31st August 2010 by Michael

Facebook Bot: FBCbot is a bot written in Perl to interface with Facebook on the users behalf. The bot is still in its infant stage and could definitely be improved upon. Currently FBCbot was developed on Linux though since it is written in Perl it can be modified to run on Windows as well. […]

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Posted on Thursday, 29th July 2010 by Michael

AMJchan: Automating the patching for Magic Jack AMJchan is a shell script written by the Digital Offensive team to quickly and accurately patch your Asterisk server for use with the Magic jack. This script was developed and tested on Centos, fedora and Redhat. The script can be easily altered to use another package manager […]

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Posted on Friday, 9th July 2010 by Michael

Simple Asterisk Auto Dialer What is it: This simple shell script was created by Michael LaSalvia of Digital Offensive to auto dial numbers and plays back a message to the person that picks up the phone. This script will take a comma separated file (CSV) that is setup as follows: Number,Sound,Trunk_Name And automate the dialing […]

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Posted on Wednesday, 7th July 2010 by Michael

CheckPoint Site to Site VPN Audit automation with “fwm logexport and scripting” Up to recently we use to pay a third party SEIM provider to provide us reporting for all our site to site VPN tunnels. This is due to an audit requirement we had that said that our system administrators had to report on […]

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Posted on Monday, 22nd March 2010 by Michael

After months of research of a simple way to create custom ringtones for Cisco IP phones I have come up with the following methods based on the Cisco documentation located at : . Cisco requires that the custom ringtones meet strict guidelines. This baffles me as my cell phone can play full length mp3 […]

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