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Early 2009 I first heard of bitcoin and tried to wrap my head around it. As a person that works in information security, I could not first wrap my head around it at first and had many things on my plate at the time. I spent some time with it for a bit and then kind of forgot about it. This later would become a kick myself in the butt moment.

Before we go any further with this post I want to remind you of several things. I am not a financial advisor, nor am I master at crypto currency, any information I post is my opinion. If you choose to follow it, you do so at your own risk. Remember never invest more into this then you can stand to lose. At times, there may be referral URL’s used instead of the company’s main site as I do get referral perks for some of the solutions I use. With that being said I will not refer something that I do not believe in and or use.  So, if you find what I am posting helpful please feel free to use my links so I can continue to dabble in crypto currency.

Fast forward to December 2017, the price of bitcoin has just recently jumped up to close to 20k per coin a few weeks earlier and is still holding high in the 17k to 19k range. Also, bitcoin futures have just been released and I am finally getting into crypto currency. A bit late, or is it? I have missed the easy become a millionaire overnight phase but I believe there is still a lot of potential, which make the risk worth it.

At the start of December, a friend of mine posted a referral link to CoinBase offering new sign ups $10 free in bitcoin when they purchased their first $100 worth of crypto currency. CoinBase system was very simple to understand and navigate. They were also trending as one of the top wallets at the time. I decided that I could safely lose $100 dollars and give this a shot. The signup process was very straight forward and simple. It took less than 5 minutes to get the account created, upon account completion as promised I received my free $10 in bitcoin. I was now the happy owner of $110 dollars of bitcoin and had entered the crypto currency world. Join CoinBase for $10 free and follow my blog posts to see how to turn that 100 into a side income doing nothing. Click here:

Now what? Do I keep buying coin like you would buy stock? Could I afford to make money by doing that? What were my options to increase my profits with little money out of pocket in the shortest period possible? So many questions running through my head. I took to the almighty Google to figure it out and I am going to document the journey here.

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