Posted on Thursday, 23rd May 2013 by Michael

Not to long ago I had my first Raspberry Pi experience setting up a media server to stream movies. Now that I have started playing with them more I have run into a few issues. Though each time I have encountered a problem the fix was found with in the "raspi-config" command.  This launches the Raspberry PI configuration menu.

The first issue I had was the PI did not detect my keyboard correctly. It had set it as a UK keyboard and this made using some characters such as @ impossible. To fix this choose the keyboard option in the raspi-config screen and follow the prompts.

The second issue I had was with it not using my whole 16 gig SD card. To fix this choose the extend-rootfs. This will make use of the rest of your SD card on reboot.

There are numerous other options under that menu that can make your life using the Raspberry PI simpler.  So if you have never used that command before on your next boot up check it out.

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