Posted on Monday, 25th October 2010 by Michael

Some time this weekend Magic Jack release another update to the system that now has the SIP passwords rotating again. We discovered this early this morning and have not had the time to fully research this as of yet. Please stay tune for updates.

Side note for the Magic Jack staff that I know visit the site, if you would just provide the SIP to us even if you charged 10 dollars more a year and no support for bring in your own device then we would not have to write these tools and you can make more money off of us.


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  1. dubz Says:

    Happened in Chicago, 2 days before the weekend. They must be going area by area encrypting the sip data and rotating passwords. If we could only find how they are encrypting the pmdump.

  2. Michael Says:

    The passwords are not encrypted at least not when using sipdump you may be using pmdump and getting HEX. The passwords are never stored on the device it is just in memory on initial load to authenticate and register.

    On the last round of research we noticed some changes to the method used but stopped the research as the rotation stopped.

    This is the second time this has happen and those that were affected last time don’t seem to be affected this time for the most part and vice verse.

    Iam hoping this is just a step and in a few days to a week it corrects itself.

  3. Toink Says:

    This is the first time I got a rotating password issue. I never got it the first time members reported the issue. I still have v2.0.4 when I plugged the MJ unit this morning. Never got the latest upgrade to 2.0.562d
    (yet). Tried to get my credentials 5 times. Got different password each time. Same username.

    Am on

  4. Arnold Says:

    So is there a way to get our SIP information? My MJ has been down for 2 days :(. I started using the dongle now lol.

  5. Michael Says:

    Yes you can get the SIP info still but the passwords are rotating. I suggest holding tight for a week and see how this plays out. The last time this happened it did not last long and we all went back to working.

  6. Curt Says:

    Please Dan, if you are reading, offer up a BYOD option for magicJack!!!

  7. Kurt Says:

    MJ Corp sucks. There can’t be that many of us taking advantage of ATAs compared to the hoards of these dongles they are selling to the technically uninterested. I’m done renewing even if it costs me for another solution 6x.

  8. Arnold Says:

    Is it ok to use without dongle now or are passwords still rotating?

  9. Michael Says:

    Passwords are still rotating

  10. Mark Says:

    The passwords for me are confirmed to still be rotating here in Orlando, Florida

  11. mohit Says:

    it rotating….:((
    wat can we do now??

  12. Arnold Says:

    Can’t you guys develop a system where it picks up the password? I’m sure the dongle has to do it… perhaps if you made it a paid service ie. $5.

  13. coya Says:

    Hi,Michael,now the password don’t vary again,it is good news,but my ata still don’t work when i use the unchanged new password,do you know how to do?thanks.

  14. Arnold Says:

    Passwords are no longer rotating but won’t register, something needs to be updated?

  15. Toink Says:

    I can confirm that the passwords are no longer rotating. But my SPA3102 still wont register. I’m on Tomato MJProxy. Do we need an update the the MJ Proxy? I hope someone gets this to work soon.

  16. Michael Says:

    We think that the authentication still has change. We are investigating a few ideas / leads.

  17. geoces Says:

    has there been any word on getting the mj up and running. i am very new to this and have been reading for 2 days now. have gone step by step through several walkthough’s my password is not rotating. this is the most up to date website i have found. my objective is to get this working on my iphone with siphon. with the walkthough’s found on this site i cant get passed x-lite connecting. if there is any news please let me know if everyone is still connected. i am running mjmd5 with my ports forwarded. i have my user and password as found in my dump’s. i know what proxy i am on. its the only one in chicago and i have tried switching it up with no results. if i have not given enough info please contact me or if everyone is down i am just looking for confirmation that they are still down. thank you and happy testing 🙂

  18. Michael Says:

    There are many people working on this but no results that I know of as yet.

  19. cheesy charlie Says:

    I have been waiting for about a month now and I still can’t use my magicjack. This sucks!! I’m probably going to switch to a new provider because I’m tired of playing cat & mouse, just like how I’ve given up on the iPhone and moved to Android. I just hope I can port my number to a new provider.

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