Posted on Monday, 6th September 2010 by Michael

Reports are coming in that as of this past weekend the ability to recover your SIP credentials is once again working and the password is not constantly changing. the question is how long will this work for. The thing is no matter what happens there will always be people out there trying to get around it. It is the same for any technology out there.

For the time being we are offering SIP retrieval once again. Though once we pull your information we will test it and once tested and confirmed working payment will be non returnable. So if they change this a week from now you can not ask for a refund.

For those that want to do it themselves my articles will still help you do this. If you find my article useful please visit a sponsor or two as they help to pay for my time and hosting fees.

Side note is reports also state that the username for some is ending in 02.

Good Luck

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